Yes it's true we do retail. We know you miss our coffee when you go home, how? well you tell us. So now you can take home our fresh bagged Gentleman baristas + Pantry colab coffee whole bean or ground, Drury tea loose or bagged, Pure chimp matcha and more.








If your stuck for present ideas, need a Demi Kicks SE18 card for a celebration. Maybe jewellery from Carly Dove boutique we have that too.




If you don't get your veg delivery to your door from our mate The Very Green Grocer then please consider it. You can pimp your box with all kinds of things. We suggest farm direct apple or pear juice. But if we still can't persuade you the you can find the juices on our selves too, how do you like those apples... or pears..

For the eco-warriors out there we stock bamboo Ecoffee cups. Well we charge you 15p for our non recyclable paper cup as a little fee from mother nature. So invest in an Ecoffee cup and do your bit for big old planet E and we chuck in a free coffee to boot. We also sell stainless steel straws, we use recyclable paper at the pantry, but us Pantry people use these at home. The make great presents, kids love cleaning them. Heres an idea get it engraved and stop the kids arguing who's is who's.



Our shelf are stocked and we think there is something for everyone even a book on the local area. We have gin and vodka infusions and cocktails from Bottle shop and bar over in Catford too. So what you waiting for Christmas, we are sure you don't have to wait that long to treat the someone... or yourself, well you are someone too.

If you have any questions, just ask the guys in the aprons, i'm sure they don't bite and they are happy to help.

Big love PP X

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