Local, Seasonal and always fresh

We work really closely with local independent suppliers like The very green grocer. This restricts us to work with the changing seasons but keeps our focus on producing fresh, exciting healthy menus.

Up and coming events

Lento of London Italian cheese and wine tasting - Wednesday 23rd October 7-10pm


Dirty burger club - Saturday 26th October 6- 10pm


Freaky foods - Thursday 31st October 4-6pm  


So from 19th June 2019 we stopped single use takeaway cups. It has been a big risk for a small business to put this in to action but we have been wanting to do it for such a long time. Ethically it makes sense, we will lose sales but that's not the point, 100 billion paper cups end up in landfill and we will do our bit for planet earth by not offering them.  

SO when you pop in for a takeaway coffee, these are your options:

  • To bring your own reusable cup
    We don’t care what it looks like, what it’s made of, or where you got it from, if it can hold your coffee, we’ll wash it and fill it up.

  • To drink in                                                                                           Yep that's right take 5 minutes to yourself and drink one in, what's the rush anyway.


Now delivering your favorites to your door via Deliveroo click image to be transferred to Deliveroo website!


External events

The Pantry's crew is also available for external events, Wedding's, Birthdays, BBQ's and other parties and celebrations. We are offering a bespoke food package tailored to your need.


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